I got a new sketchbook.  As tradition dictates, that means drawing my oldest original character, Rivek. This is entirely traditional media: pen, marker, and colored pencil on toned paper.

But I’ve learned a lot artistically this past year, and I really wanted to show it - color, lighting, composition.  I threw Willow and Vika in there for good measure, too, haha.  ;D

Previous iterations: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

(Wow, I can’t believe this is my tenth one…)

07/08/14 at 2:32PM
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Self-indulgent Fantasy Samurai AU for my original characters, Bohrin and Rivek:

Bohrin is a newly-appointed captain of Sorian's army, tasked with keeping rebel forces down in recently-conquered Eastern lands.  However, he finds Rivek, one of the native leaders, to be a fascinating, honorable person, and the two form a tenuous friendship. When Rivek's uprising fails, Sorian orders the resistance executed, and Bohrin - although incredibly reluctant - insists on being his friend's attendant.

Kind of like The Last Samurai, I guess. But sadder and gayer.  This happened because peachymints.  This is all yours.  This is all your fault.

DeviantART Link: http://fav.me/d7ocfmk


I’ve always wanted to do a conceptual piece juxtaposing my two characters’ personalities: logical (Rivek) versus impulsive (Bohrin).  I took composition inspiration from the Three of Swords, an idea I liked form my Taort deck thumbnails earlier this year. 

The original is currently on sale online and in person through the Hive Gallery and Studios (729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90014).  I have a feature this month and will be there TONIGHT at Art Walk (8-10PM)!

05/08/14 at 1:07PM
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Kaldir is my blind, cat (bat?) burglar character who uses her magic powers of echolocation to break into wealthy households.  She teaches Rivek how to freerun/parkour and gets him deeper into the criminal underworld.  I hadn’t drawn her in awhile, and I wanted to update her character design.

The original is currently on sale online and in person through the Hive Gallery and Studios (729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90014).  I have a feature this month and will be there at Art Walk on Thursday night if you want to meet up!

05/07/14 at 1:51PM
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Drawing my characters as mythical creatures again (some are re-posts).  Mika’s design is based off a black widow, but I’ve always liked side-associating her with theriposidae, the arachnid family that contains “bird-eating spiders.”  If you know what I mean, ahaha..

The originals are currently on sale online and in person through the Hive Gallery and Studios (729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90014).  I have a feature this month and will be there at Art Walk on Thursday night if you want to meet up!

05/06/14 at 9:39AM
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Anonymous asked:
Are you still working on Prince?

Good question - I want to, but currently, I’m not.  

I was steadily working through the writing in January of last year, but I went through some major career and social upheaval.  I spent 2013 handling time-consuming, unforeseen changes that forced me to put personal work aside.  Writing is a very intense activity for me which requires a calm environment.  If you are curious, the current statuses are:

  • Little Mermaid - finished.
  • Red Riding Hood - second draft.
  • Cinderella - first draft in progress.
  • Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White - outlined.

I have one more fairy tale to decide between (Rapunzel or Snow Queen??), and no illustrations have been started.

Ironically, I’ve been nursing Prince since I was 2009, and all the gender-bend Disney popping up recently makes me want to just finish the damn thing.  Luckily, my routine’s more stable as of last week.  My current major goal is to finish editing my 100 Themes Project before it becomes too old to self-publish.  Prince is scheduled immediately after.

To be honest, there are times I’ve considered burying both projects (and others) for good, so messages like this help keep it alive. ;_; <3 Alas, I wish I had more time on my hands! *buys a house in the woods and writes forever*

05/05/14 at 10:15AM
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Hey, folks. I’ve got a feature at the Line Attack show at the Hive Gallery this weekend!  Here’s a quick preview - two of the twelve pieces I’ll be putting in.  Come on down! :)

Line Attack 3!!! The Art of the Doodle
May 3rd, 2014, 8-11:30PM
$5 Suggested Donation for Opening Show
Show Runs: May 3rd- May 31st

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 90014

See here for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/738246592873120/
05/02/14 at 10:10AM
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Finally back from Japan, so I have a scanner again. Have a doodle of Rivek.

05/01/14 at 11:36AM
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My new job hasn’t left much time for drawing or writing (or anything).  This is pretty much everything I’ve done since October.  What you saw during those months was all a queue, but it’s run out now.  Sorry.

02/09/14 at 2:28PM
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Rivek in modern clothing.  I imagine he’d be some minor son of a New York cartel leader who bar-tends at his family front and moonlights as a hitman.

02/08/14 at 1:30PM
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I’ve been reading too much Norse mythology on Wikipedia and watched too many episodes of Vikings, so I drew Willow in some wilding gear with her birdy-boo.  

This piece will be on sale ($85) at The Hive Gallery's non-themed show in Downtown LA on February 8.

02/07/14 at 3:00PM
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I like to imagine Will comes up with a million slightly-insulting-but-mostly-endearing nicknames for Rivek, mostly along the lines of “Feathers” and “Birdbrain.”

Rivek just calls her “Dearling.” (Get it? “Deer”? Hurrhurr. Double entendre FTW.)

The worse I feel, the more I just want to draw cute things. Quick doodle from when I was at the doctor (HK has an amazing and affordable healthcare compared to the US).

Let me just get paid to draw kawaii smooches all day.

01/05/14 at 6:24AM
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Toriayne looked at the sky in wonder.  He shivered despite his fur-lined coat.  Five years in the desert had made him weak to the cold.  He whispered, “It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow.”  

Bohren wrapped his arms around the tailor’s shoulders.  ”Well, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you smile.”


A while ago, someone requested I draw my characters in winter gear, so I decided to do a different pairing than usual (a.k.a. Britney's favorite pairing).

01/03/14 at 10:13PM
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Happy New Year from Hong Kong! Lots of noise from downstairs (and French from a neighboring rooftop). Here are the sketches I did at the Singapore sketchjam.

Sure is colder here than I expected.

12/31/13 at 8:19AM
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The Queen of Swords!

The Hive Gallery (729 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA) invited me to participate in their upcoming Tarot Art Show!  I am so honored!  

Opening night is SaturdayJanuary 4th, 8-11:30PM  , and Art Walk is Thursday, January 9th.  The original will be available for purchase ($670).

12/30/13 at 12:15PM
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