teganbobegan replied to your photo “#characterdesign sketches for #straffventure from #mistborn . #cosmere…”

Did you learn this style?

Kind of? I learned a lot of techniques and facial anatomy, but the choices I made when designing/exaggerating the faces were based off things I’d seen and liked in cartoons.

08/07/14 at 1:48PM
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Anonymous asked:
Hi, i was wondering whats the specific name for that special pen (or whatever it is) you use to wet watercolor drawings?

I don’t actually use watercolor, so I’m guessing that you meant the Niji Waterbrush: http://www.dickblick.com/products/niji-waterbrush/

07/16/14 at 9:20AM
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juanjolras replied to your post “Are all your drawings drawn by hand? They dont look computerized either. They just look so flawless, that it doesnt even seem they were drawn by a human!! You’re truly amazing.”

gahhhh that perspectice illustrationspost is still one of my fave things you’ve ever done. Were those colored digitally or traditionally, I can’t tell. Like what was the combo of digital/traditional you used? Digital lines, traditional color?

Ahaha, the ~~mystery~~.  It went like this:

  • Plot perspective digitally and print out blue lines.
  • "Ink" traditionally with mechanical pencil, scan back in.
  • Print cleaned lines on toned paper and shade values-only with marker and white pencil.
  • Scan back in and color using gradient maps and overlay/multiply/color layers.

They took a long time.  Not the most efficient process, but working traditionally gave the ability to be productive but still leave my house.  :|

((I get cabin fever really easily.))

07/15/14 at 11:07AM
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whimsicallymad asked:
Are all your drawings drawn by hand? They dont look computerized either. They just look so flawless, that it doesnt even seem they were drawn by a human!! You're truly amazing.

I really just use whatever’s easiest for the process or convenient at the time.  Like, I work traditionally while traveling but digitally for perspective drawings.

For example, this was done entirely in my sketchbook, and this was done entirely digitally.  This is a combination where I moved between both traditional and digital.

07/15/14 at 10:53AM
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nakedwallfish asked:
what did you make for your game of thrones feast?
Here are links, with recipes.  I had to make a few substitutions depending what was on sale (raspberries for blackberries, dates for figs/currants/raisins).  

Total meal served about 20-30 people at about $10-15/person, with leftovers.  I cooked largely by myself over the course of three days.  My sous-chef helped me wash dishes and cut vegetables.

06/09/14 at 5:19PM
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Anonymous asked:
Are you still working on Prince?

Good question - I want to, but currently, I’m not.  

I was steadily working through the writing in January of last year, but I went through some major career and social upheaval.  I spent 2013 handling time-consuming, unforeseen changes that forced me to put personal work aside.  Writing is a very intense activity for me which requires a calm environment.  If you are curious, the current statuses are:

  • Little Mermaid - finished.
  • Red Riding Hood - second draft.
  • Cinderella - first draft in progress.
  • Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White - outlined.

I have one more fairy tale to decide between (Rapunzel or Snow Queen??), and no illustrations have been started.

Ironically, I’ve been nursing Prince since I was 2009, and all the gender-bend Disney popping up recently makes me want to just finish the damn thing.  Luckily, my routine’s more stable as of last week.  My current major goal is to finish editing my 100 Themes Project before it becomes too old to self-publish.  Prince is scheduled immediately after.

To be honest, there are times I’ve considered burying both projects (and others) for good, so messages like this help keep it alive. ;_; <3 Alas, I wish I had more time on my hands! *buys a house in the woods and writes forever*

05/05/14 at 10:15AM
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Anonymous asked:
Do you play Dungeons and Dragons?

I did. I’ve just been too busy since I started working.  It’s hard to find a good campaign, especially because I’m a super comedic player.  I had a really great DM in college.  He would come up with stat mods for me to make the most ridiculous characters.  For example:

  • A shetland pony centaur who was kicked out of her clan for being short and thus makes a living giving pony rides to children.
  • A shaman who turns into a bear, has a bear familiar who is actually his cousin who can no longer magic himself back because he has no voice and no thumbs, who carries a bag of tricks that only produces bears.

You’d be surprised how useful the second guy was. Too useful, in fact. So the DM decided the next adventure was going to be a Pirates’ High Seas Adventure. -_-;

03/19/14 at 11:08AM
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Hey, I know a lot of you have been coming here from my process  tutorial and my hands tutorial.  

I haven’t been drawing that much lately, so I finally uploaded all the video tutorials I made with my buddy Evan (who runs an awesome Japan tour company which I’ll be going on!).  Enjoy!




You can also see my fugly face, ahaha…. back when my hair was still a normal color.

01/24/14 at 3:16PM
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fcurs asked:
hi! long time fan here - i was hoping to gain some advice. i recently left an undergrad in engineering to go into design (specifically industrial or crafts and i'm looking into visual arts as well) and was wondering for any tips on developing my portfolio + things to do and avoid + perhaps if you're willing to share what your portfolio contained. thanks for your help!!

I think, because you’re just entering the visual field, you should try a lot of aspects.  Especially in school, there’s plenty of time to experiment. Cover the basics (perspective, anatomy, color, composition, etc), but find some part you’re really passionate about (character design, prop design, storyboarding, etc).

In the end, your portfolio should showcase your specialty and give a clear idea of what you want to do.  Try for an 80%/20% split.

If you’re curious, here is my web portfolio and my print portfolio.  The print one is more targeted, so I show that off first and people go to the website to see more.

01/19/14 at 3:39PM
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Anonymous asked:
I believe it was you who owned this. What is that thing you wear on your hand and wrist to support your wrist and also not smudge your artwork? I'm in need of one

Yes, I wear a brace when drawing to prevent RSI.  Different people like different styles, but since mine’s preventative, I use this minimal one.  There are more on the company website, though.

I got it at a local drugstore.  At least in the United States, this brand is widely available over the counter, but I’m sure there are many options in most pharmacies.

01/06/14 at 9:30PM
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Anonymous asked:
Hi, I think your blog is so rad! I know you've mentioned that companies don't really care what school you go to so much as what your portfolio is like, but I was wondering how often you see graduates from the Art Institute in the animation industry. (Particularly, I'm looking at the Art Institute of Seattle, if that helps.)

I don’t know anyone from AI Seattle, but I’ve met successful folks from other AIs (Orange County, Santa Monica, Denver, Dallas).  I bet there are Seattle folks that I just haven’t met.

However, the individuals I know tend to have mixed feelings about their education: all of them studied heavily outside of what their classes required, and many dropped the AI program without finishing. Again, it’s not the school - it’s the student: portfolio and work ethic aren’t necessarily tied to an institution.

11/29/13 at 10:28AM
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Anonymous asked:
Can i ask why you use w2, w4, w6, w8 for the copic markers? Do you think w1, w3,w5, w7 are ok too?

You can use any set of markers you want. I stick to warms because they look nice on the warm paper.  You could use C. T. N for different looks. The ones you’ve listed are perfectly fine. It’s just the result will be lighter.

11/29/13 at 10:24AM
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Anonymous asked:
I see you travel a lot, and I wanna ask if it's business-wise, or for your enjoyment? (I know that you have to travel for cons.) Just curious I guess. Also, is there a place that you always wanted to visit, but haven't yet?

It depends.  I live in the US and only sell at US cons.  When I travel domestically, it’s about half for business and half for friends/family, and I try to combine trips to save money.  I’m lucky - I know amazing people who’ve put me up in each location (thanks, college!).  

My favorite/frequent US haunts include: Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston.  There isn’t much on my US To-Do List anymore other than: The Grand Canyon, Alaska, Portland, Yosemite, and Vermont/Maine.

Outside the US, it’s for fun. I put aside money from each paycheck just for travel.  The world is amazing - I’ve met a lot of international folks online that make me want to travel even more.  I want to do a “30-by-30,” so I made a list earlier this year:


  • United States (Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, San Antonio, Boulder, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Hawaii)
  • United Kingdom (Glasgow, Edinburgh, London)
  • France (Paris, Lyon)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • Norway (Oslo, Bergen), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Finland (Helsinki, Rovaniemi), Iceland (Reykjavik)
  • South Korea (Seoul), Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Taiwan (Taipei), Japan (Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo)


  • Australia (Sydney), New Zealand (Wellington)
  • Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Malaysai (Kuala Lumpur), Phillippines, Cambodia (Angkor Wat)
  • India (Delhi, Mumbai)
  • Israel (Jerusalem), Egypt (Cairo), South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville), Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome), Greece (Athens, Mikanos), Turkey (Istanbul)
  • Germany (Berlin), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg)
  • Galapagos Islands, Peru (Incan Ruins), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Antartica, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
  • China (Beijing, Shanghai)

I think traveling is a great way to become independent, learn about other cultures, and acquire huge artistic inspiration - much more effective than surfing the web or sitting in a classroom…  I’ve also learned incredible patience because everything logistic that can go wrong totally will. :|

((I was caught once in the Boulder flood and once in London when they foiled a terrorist plot.  Missing a flight isn’t so bad after you’ve gone through that.))

11/04/13 at 11:05AM
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sweetbooksandhellafiction asked:
can you please tell me the story of your OCs? i have little tidbits from tags but i'm a little confused and i really want to understand because THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT TO GET TO KNOW THEM (i checked the faq but couldn't find anythingD:)

All my OC stuff can be found in the Original tag.  It’s not super coherent, but basically, I have four projects going:

  • Genomancer - a fantasy epic that mixes magic with bioengineering. Has changed names from Mondigan and Wrath and Pardon (so you can search those tags, too).  (indefinite progress)
  • Prince - a series of gender-bent fairy tales.  (in progress)
  • Bonewalkers - a story about minor death gods in America, formerly an RP mixed with an AU from Genomancer.  (brainstorming)
  • The Indigo Thief - a short comic fairy tale AU featuring my Genomancer OCs.  (indefinite hiatus)
  • The Bow and the Rose - an undetermined steampunk AU featuring my Genomancer OCs. (indefinite hiatus)
To be honest, I’m not that creative, I put a lot of time into one universe and spin the character archetypes to a new world.  
That said, I treat November/NaNoWriMo as my personal ‘Genomancer Month’ (no commissions or fanart!), so I’m going to try to post profiles about each of the characters so you can actually learn about more than what they look like. :D
Anonymous asked:
I'm trying to collect the main things I should do to do well as an artist! So I just had a quick question---what are the five main things you would recommend for me to do as an artist just starting out? (I'm asking a bunch of artists, so if you see this similar question somewhere, it's not spam. I'm just trying to collect the average.) Thank you!

Haha, I saw this on someone else’s blog.  I’m not sure if you mean a professional/career artist or just a general hobbyist.  Either way, I hope this helps!

  1. Attitude is everything.  Technical skill will come with adopting the right attitude.  Let me elaborate.
  2. Learn everywhere from everything.  Art is more than moving a brush on canvas. The more you explore the world, larger your visual library gets and the more you can add meaning to your work.
  3. Nothing will be perfect.  No one makes perfect art, so you might as well just enjoy the journey.  Unlike what society tells us, mistakes aren’t bad - they’re learning experiences.  
  4. Check your ego. Whether it’s big or small, you’ll drive yourself in emotional circles (and probably drive other people nuts) if you tie your self-esteem to your work.
  5. Don’t give up.  No one is good right away, and it doesn’t matter whether you are.  Do it for yourself because it’s fun.

Sorry to wax philosophical, but I hope that’s enough insight for you! *o*

10/22/13 at 11:38AM
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