The truth comes out….

…. now everyone will know who ACTUALLY directed The Croods

Ah! They finally released this! Haha - I was cracking up so hard at the company update.

12/05/13 at 10:57AM
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The people from NDK who commissioned Pitch came back to ask for two more!

09/17/13 at 9:23AM
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Haha, got a DreamWorks commission of Pitch from a group of Guardians cosplayers.

09/14/13 at 6:41PM
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IT’S HERE! After years of anticipation, watch the official teaser trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 now

I was waiting for the greenlight to post (or reblog) it.

Here we go!!

Best comment on YT so far:

"Anyone notice he was missing his left foot? I don’t remember that happening… o O?"


Ah! Looks like we’ve got the greenlight to post!  Here’s the amazing flight sequence from How to Train Your Dragon 2!

07/12/13 at 10:35AM
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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I'm actually about to graduate with an MFA in Computer Animation & VFX and am starting to put together my reel to send out to companies as an application. Knowing you've worked for Dreamworks and such, do you have any advice on maybe what the industry is really looking for right now from Animators or VFX artists?

First of all, congrats on graduating! :D

Unfortunately, it really depends on the studio.  Since different studios release projects on different times, they are all on unique schedules.  For example, Disney staffed up for Frozen about three months ago, meaning they hired tons of folks across the board.  But now, they’ve filled up and there aren’t many positions for anyone.  So, I’d recommend checking out the individual career pages of studios you’d like to work at.  The only thing I know of off the top of my head is Nickelodeon has been looking for character and set designers for TMNT and Dora.

However, generally, the3D animation industry can always use more technical people.  Programming is a valuable skill around here, especially in rigging and simulation departments like effects and cloth. 

07/11/13 at 12:17AM
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wonderwoman510 asked:
Hey how was it like working for DreamWorks? Im currently go to school for 3D animation storyboard and working at DreamWorks or even Pixar would be a dream come true how do I get in to DreamWorks

Working at DreamWorks was great - free food, stable paycheck, engaging work, and most importantly - great people.  I’m still friends with a lot of them.  I think good co-workers, not the projects you’re on, make the biggest difference in workplace experience.

As a result, there are plenty of places just as good as DreamWorks because there are a lot of wonderful people out there.  So my tips for getting any job: Study hard - lots of composition, perspective, figure drawing - and build a good portfolio.  Show it to people to get a lot of feedback.  Even if you get shot down a lot, keep working and get faster because young people tend to lack mileage.  For storyboards in particular, it’d be easier to apply for a TV show before trying to go to movies because TV tends to need more people.

06/22/13 at 10:46AM
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Croods update!  Two sequences I worked on have been released online as featurettes!

 I’ve waited over a year to make this post…  This face stared at me for three months of my life. :| 

03/08/13 at 6:09PM
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Anonymous asked:
I think Dreamworks uses Maya along with their own homemade program but do you think it's worth it to learn 3ds Max? It seems like so many companies are using Maya nowadays.

Actually, I don’t know. I think Max is commonly used among game studios and Maya is commonly used at animation houses.  I can only confirm that the places I’ve worked at have required me to know Maya (DreamWorks, UPenn).  You really want to ask more people, though.  It’s usually no biggie to switch from one program to another, just re-learning where keys are.  That, and Alias owns all three of Maya, Max, and XSI… :|

EDIT: Got some more up to date info from artchoface:

Yo, to add to that anon- currently game companies prefer to use Maya as well. Max is nice but Maya is preferred. Big companies like Blizzard and Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch use Maya along with other software such as ZBrush and MudBox. :) The past few animation and game conference and job fairs I have been to have told me as much, hope this helps Fic! <3

02/27/13 at 9:09PM
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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I doodled up some cute would-be valentines for work, but they ended up not being used.  Posting them here to share as fanart!

02/14/13 at 2:02PM
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I really wanted to draw How to Train Your Dragon's Hiccup and Toothless in matching, fancy armor.

01/28/13 at 11:38PM
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lecaptaindom asked:
First of all,standard prequestion flattery, because you are an awesome person who is an awesome artist and should never stop getting it. Question, as an animation artist, are you tempted/allowed to put your OC's into your movies as like, background characters?

:) Thank you! - I’ve always seen you liking my posts, so thank you as well!  But to answer your question - never

In 3D, background characters are generated by a computer algorithm that picks from a wardrobe.  It’s far cheaper than the hundreds of man-hours required to make a hero character.

In 2D, a character designer comes up with the look of background characters (“incidentals”).  Sometimes they make one look like a friend.  Designers are unlikely to use personal OCs because the rights to that character’s design would go to the company they work for.  In addition, they must be careful that character still fits the show’s style.

01/22/13 at 9:45AM
torichibi asked:
First off, thank you for all the school advice! Both my parents are bankers so its really hard for them and me to go to art school. UwU (I want to do 3D animation!) Like a lot of people, Rise of the Guardians really made me look at my life and I found most of the things that make me happy are either from animated movies, or from video games! (thus the 3D animation) But I'm curious to know, how did you get to where you are? Id really love to hear your story!

Haha.  I really liked Spiderman, so I decided to go into computer graphics - meaning I went to engineering school and got a computer science degree (two of them, really. which was hella hard, but worth it in that it makes me much more well-rounded and provides a useful backup).  DreamWorks came to recruit some programmers to make software/do tech support/write tools for their movies.  

I currently attend Concept Design Academy because drawing is fun.

I think I went into more detail elsewhere.

01/15/13 at 11:39PM
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classyporpoise asked:
What's it like to work at DreamWorks? Currently I'm in high school and tied between making video games at Valve or Bethesda or animating/ concept art for DreamWorks or Pixar or somewhere similar, but RoTG has just been so much of an inspiration to me I'm sort of leaning that way?

If you are in high school, you should keep your options open!  Don’t focus on one company.  Focus on gaining a cross-industry skillset. Modelers, texture artists, programmers (and more) are required for many industries. It’s hard to say in four years if you’ll like the same things.  Or even if you want to work in entertainment at all!  The above skills can even be applied to social media or medical imaging.

I thought all through high school that I wanted to work on Final Fantasy.  But now the only game I play is Robot Unicorn Attack.  My high score is 45,000.

01/11/13 at 11:10AM
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Thanks to your worldwide support, Rise of the Guardians made back its production budget! Here’s a clearer version of my Jack Frost and Pitch sketch.  Onwards!  To making back that overhead (marketing, technology) now!

Rise of the Guardians Giveaway is still running! http://fictograph.tumblr.com/post/37361076960/

12/14/12 at 3:16PM
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Anonymous asked:
I'm 21 and I've never gone to college. Hell, I haven't even gotten my GED. I've always been passionate about art, but I'm downright terrified that it's too late for me to even attempt working in the industry. I just recently decided to go back to school but I'm scared that even if I do go, I wouldn't be able to get work at a studio like Dreamworks due to my age. Is is too late for me to pursue a career in art? I'm shaking just typing this out. I wish I hadn't waited. Uncertainty is a bitch.

No, it is never “too late”.  It’s a little absurd to assume everyone knows their entire life path by the time they turn 18.  Many people who work here have previous experiences: engineers become storyboarders, animators become programmers, and even child actors become supervisors. 

Allow me to put this into perspective: the average age of enrollment at Art Center College of Design (one of the most recognized visual development schools in the country) was once 25.  And that is a full four-year degree away from your current age.

You are only “too late” if you make excuses and tell yourself you are too late.  Life doesn’t end at 23 (usually).  Do not let your age deter you.  Your work will be what matters.

For the record, I mainly work at DW as a programmer.  I have two engineering degrees.  What I know about art and art school comes from the loads of research I did find one that fits my working life - and now I go to art school part time.  I believe learning is a lifelong process that doesn’t stop after college.

12/13/12 at 4:13PM
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