Select commissions from NDK!  Thanks for the support, folks!  The con was super fun, and I hope I’ll be back next year.  I can’t believe I did twenty commissions, including one with a complete interior. *o*…

Also, I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con next week if you want to pick something up!  Let me know if you have suggestions for visiting Vancouver, BC or Portland, OR!

09/15/14 at 11:45AM
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”..the problem with wanting is that it makes us weak…”

Aleksander Morozova, the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.  All of Leigh’s characters are great, but I love a sympathetic villain.  

Companion piece to Alina Starkov (which I gave to Leigh at a signing, and that was an awesome night!).

Haha, I hope you didn’t think I was done with this series.

More Grisha Art: http://fictograph.tumblr.com/tagged/grisha

09/09/14 at 11:14AM
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Anonymous asked:
I have a question for you-- how do you store your art? I find myself accumulating a great volume of sketches, drawings, etc. that I don't want to throw away but I don't know what to do with, so I just shove them under my bed. What do you do with all your art?

I keep everything backed up on two portable hard drives and store things I need double copies or frequent access on Google Drive (like my PDF, job application portfolio or my writing) .

Most of my traditional drawings are done in dated sketchbooks, so I just have a shelf on my bookcase with the books in chronological order.  There’ve been about 10 of them since 2008.

I keep my loose or larger work in an 13”x19” Itoya portfolio, which I also keep on the same bookcase.

My oil paintings on canvas board are stacked in my closet.  Since these are usually life studies, I tend to not care, so I throw away the bad, give away the mediocre, and keep only the best.

Doesn’t take up much room at all, really. All things considered, “under the bed” is the same as “on a bookshelf.”

09/04/14 at 9:26PM
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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I'm sorry if you've gotten this question before. I'm new to art alleys, do you have a suggestion for how many prints one should take? Like a general number? Thanks so much!

Print quantities are honestly different for everyone.  More popular artists will need more, and smaller merchandise usually requires higher quantities, too. 

Personally, I only sell 11”x17” prints, so I calculate based on event attendance.  I run about 10-20 of my best-sellers (like Sherlock, Game of Thrones) and then 3-5 of my less popular stuff (like original work).  Lower end being for cons about 1,000-5,000 (like ALA, San Japan) and higher end being for cons of 10,000+ (like Otakon).

Certain cons will surprise you though!  My style does awful in Southern California, so I print on the lower end for AX.  But some venues are just easier because the artist-customer ratio is higher, so I print on the high end for NanDesuKan.

09/04/14 at 8:31PM
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Sketches inspired by #Disney #Mulan. #figuredrawing #gesturedrawing #art

08/30/14 at 1:04PM
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Vin, Elend, Straff, and Ore’seur from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn.  Finished my final project for my Character Design class with Jose Lopez.  Woo! 

The development pages should be relatively self-explanatory, but I tried to keep a unified design and color theme as ascribed in the books (black mistcloaks, white royal attire, red skies). The overall style is meant to be like an action cartoon rather than my usual illustrative one.

08/14/14 at 2:59PM
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Outfit designs for Elend Venture from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.  He’s my ‘love interest’ for my character design class with Jose Lopez.  This book is so good!

Other Mistborn development: http://www.fictograph.com/tagged/mistborn

Let me know if you’ve got a favorite?

08/11/14 at 5:19PM
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teganbobegan replied to your photo “#characterdesign sketches for #straffventure from #mistborn . #cosmere…”

Did you learn this style?

Kind of? I learned a lot of techniques and facial anatomy, but the choices I made when designing/exaggerating the faces were based off things I’d seen and liked in cartoons.

08/07/14 at 1:48PM
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So many feels after #sdcc ! Hung out a lot with the Ready at Dawn guys, so I doodled #isabeau /#igraine from #order1886 while in a Monday meeting.

07/29/14 at 5:03PM
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Genya, David, Tolya, and Tamar from Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy.

Haven’t used a mechanical pencil in awhile!  This story has such great secondary characters.

Nilah, Cassie, and I are going to the Fierce Reads Block Party tonight.  Catch me for a free Shadow and Bone doodle  (I have purple hair.)

((If you miss it, I’ll also be at SDCC on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.))

07/23/14 at 1:12PM
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"Long live the King in the North."

You meant well, Robb.  Just a doodle that got out of hand. Might have prints at NDK if people show interest.

07/21/14 at 3:14PM
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…sankta alina… sol koroleva… sun summoner…

My tribute to Alina Starkov from Leigh Bardugo's The Grisha Trilogy, a fantastic series of YA novels set in a Russian-inspired fantasy world and a lovely magic system.  I wanted to show her power (and the amplifiers!) rising out of the Volcra but also a little fear that comes with being an accidental heroine.

Final installment just came out!  Got mine signed by Leigh at the LA Book Release party. *o*  You should pick em up!

Done in traditional media: pen, marker, color pencil on toned paper (as usual).

leigh, if you are reading this, nilah, cassie and i would all gladly work on a grisha movie *coughcough*

OH. MY. WORD. I can’t tell you how much I adore this. Loved seeing the work in progress at the launch but oohhhhhhhh the final!!! Thank you so much for sharing it <3 

Seriously, Tumblr, are you kidding me, you deleted this one, too?! Re-blogging myself again because Tumblr is a shitface.

07/20/14 at 7:47PM
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1-hour digital painting of Zoya from Leigh Bardugo's Grisha Trilogy.  Done at the request of Nilaffle.

Just finished Ruin and Rising.  I am bombarded with feels, and now I have to draw everyone….

Those lips! Those eyes! Zoya needs her own show. (And this is gorgeous! Ty!!)

Argh, again - I don’t like re-blogging my own work, but Tumblr deleted Zoya, too….

07/20/14 at 12:09PM



Harshaw (and “Oncat”), my favorite Inferi from Leigh Bardugo's Ruin and Rising.  I had to guess at his eye color a bit.

Nilah didn’t get her booked signed at the launch party, so we be going until the Fierce Reads Block Party!

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.  Gonna be a Grisha week.

HARSHAW!!! First Harshaw and Oncat fanart. Oh I love this so so so much!!!

Ugh. Tumblr deleted my Harshaw post, so now I have to re-blog myself…

07/18/14 at 10:13AM
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korol rezni… the king of scars

Nikolai Lantsov from Leigh Bardugo's The Grisha Trilogy.  I had to do him justice with a painting, but I’m sure he’s upset that he can’t make his hair all nice now that he’s part shadow-soldier.

I have a thing for rebellious guys with sharp wit and overblown confidence.  But what I really adore about this character is his evolution (although, that’s what I love about all of Bardugo’s characters).  His transformation in Ruin and Rising tests his personality so well, the perfect a blow against his ambition and hubris.

Other Grisha Art: http://www.fictograph.com/tagged/grisha