Taking a class where we have to design a character, robot, and glove controller for a mechanical battledome.  When I design, I refine every aspect into a “pitch statement” that helps inform all my decisions.  

First, I make a line to describe the whole story.  I make sure it has a relationship that can be related to viewers outside of the story world.  For example, How to Train Your Dragon is a “boy-and-dog” story despite the “dog” being a dragon.

A teenage girl and her father bridges their emotional gap through their family pet.

Though, in this case, the girl is a telepath; her father is an ex-military engineer; and he creates her pet by housing the brain of her dead dog in a battle robot.  When I design the individual parts of the story, I come up with another pitch for each part.

Perrin Maier is a teenage girl whose hot temper causes her to lose control of her telepathic powers.

I use this to inform the rest of her design:

  • I want her to be extremely expressive in her ‘normal’ state - to contrast when she loses control over her abilities and her expression goes blank.  This extends to wild, black hair that covers her face, defies physics, and never stops moving to symbolize the telepathic unrest in her psyche.
  • I want her to be pretty, but sunspots and bags under her eyes to visually depict the stress from her powers.  I opted for near-white skin to bring more visual focus to her hair and eyes.
  • I want her to wear something low-maintenance and tough but still feminine and young.  So I opted for a flapper dress contrasted with combat boots and a leather jacket.

Hope that helps explain my thinking process.  Expect more of this all week - I can’t fit everything into one photo-set!

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