Some thumbnails for a few upcoming pieces, featuring my original characters. Any feedback? Which would you like to see completed first?

10/12/12 at 9:56AM
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  1. blackedeyedbandit answered: the first one.
  2. kalkiedoodles said: alsdkfjal a lot of nice ones here….uhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhHH 3-cause I don’t often see Rivek pulling the bird magic around Willow.
  3. silverbirch-steelrose answered: I vote 2! It looks like a fun, sweet scene.
  4. punkinguts answered: Number 3. c:
  5. hphantasia answered: 1 or 6
  6. justduet answered: 2 or 3 ! :D
  7. tiercel answered: My favorite is number 2!
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  9. lapizsolarflare answered: Oh wow, these are really good!! I’d love them all, but I think 3 is my favorite, probably because of the wings on the girl :) All great poses
  10. euxiom answered: Oooh these are really cool sketches. I think number 1 would be fun to see finished.
  11. lebeautifuldarkbluesky answered: 3 :DD then all the others plz ^w^
  12. bunsofcheese answered: I love number 5 c’: they all look awesome!
  13. eileenpaints said: I really like the composition on 2 and 4!
  14. mrspookies answered: 4 or 6
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  16. tackypies answered: i like number 6 the best!
  17. theselittlethingsaremine said: I’d love to see five completed!
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  19. puffthedragon answered: I like 1 and 3 the best.
  20. sharingan answered: I like 2, 3 and 6!
  21. sharpenedcrayon answered: 3
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