Atroksiti.” Horror. - 065/100 Themes.

Major spoilers here, but Kai is Perrin’s boyfriend.


The small troupe waited in the forest, drawing protective camouflage from the leaves and fog.  Rivek turned Willow’s hands over in his.  “It’ll be alright,” he whispered, but his words held no conviction.  

He heard voices in the distance, but his vision was still obscured.  He dropped Willow’s hold and instinctively reached for his bow.  Her hand went to the dagger in her belt.  The damp evening air could not suppress that smell.  Any seasoned hunter knew that smell.  He inhaled through his nose.  The scent of iron made his mouth water instinctively, a sharp contrast to the sinking feeling dropping through his stomach.

He squinted, searching for shadows in the white.  Something red flickered at the corner of his eye.  His eyes shifted to gold as they went from human to eagle.  The shape was a battered ribbon.  He lowered his bow and motioned to the inventor,  “Eamon, take Perrin away.”

Perrin stepped forward, out of the reach of her father.

“Take her away, Eamon.” Rivek gritted his teeth.  He could make out a large, dark-skinned man coming up through the brush, cracking branches and leaves with his heavy gait.  He had been encumbered by a much smaller, limp, figure slung over his shoulder.

She marched up next to Rivek.  “What are you talking about?”

“Eamon, take her away. She can’t see this.”

“I can’t see what?”  She ran forward past him.  Rivek took off behind her, grabbing the back of her collar and bringing her to the ground.  He threw his arm over her eyes as the Akhari man laid his burden on the ground in front of him.

The Akhari gingerly undid the ribbon, revealing Kai’s completely severed neck.

Perrin stood and ripped Rivek’s hand for her eyes.  She screamed.  

Rivek caught her as she fell to her knees.  He pressed the ribbon into her hands.  “It’ll be alright.”

Her voice cracked.  “You’ve always been a terrible liar.”

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