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Willow is me in college.

For the curious, an acid-base reaction produces water and a salt (a salt being an oxide-metal combination. NaCl, table salt, is just an example).  It also can produces heat energy in an “exothermic” reaction.  Trust me, this is important. If you remember how blood types work in Mondigan.


An oil lamp burned in front of her Willow.  Two more sat next to it with fully used wicks.  She hated to be in the lab past midnight, but Enos had only given them three days for the assignment.  

It was as if the blank notebook were laughing at her.  She had to put something down on the paper at least.  She scribbled, “The Silver War was not actually about silver, but a resource war that stemmed from the Akhari peoples’ lack of food.”  But then she crossed it out.

Food. That would be good right now.  Unwittingly, she stuck the back end of the pencil between her teeth.

She quickly spat it across the table.  It tasted like iron and sulfur.  It must have dropped into something, and she didn’t want to know what.  She pushed the history book to the side.  Yes, she’d probably work on that one later.

She pulled the chemistry book towards her.  It may have had half the pages of the previous volume, but each word was twice as long.  That weird boy who worked in the lab had bookmarked some of the pages with feathers. None of them were pages she needed.

She read out loud to herself, “An acid-base reaction produces…”

“An acid-base reaction produces…”

I don’t know.

Just. Fifteen. Minutes.  She rested her head on the table and closed her eyes.  A string of drool escaped onto the paper, covering the rest of the sentence.

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