Ni far terbar.” Do Not Disturb. - 063/100 Themes.

My original characters - remember these guys?

Rivek is a morning person.  Willow is not.

This happens to me so much! I dream about eating something really awesome, and then I wake up before I get to eat anything. It’s worse than nightmares, dammit.


Willow held the bowl of soup between her hands, her stalwart defense against the cold outside.  The smell of beef and celery-infused steam wafted through her nostrils to her stomach.  She salivated and lifted the bowl to her lips.

Suddenly, the warmth was gone.  The entire dish faded from view.  Instead, she could hear a frantic chorus of chirps.


Too many birds.  A row of vocal starlings were serenading her from the windowsill.

She rolled over and reached out to touch the other side of the bed.  Empty.  As she had thought.  Rivek always got up too early.  Didn’t matter.  She turned her back against the window and buried her face in the blanket.

A bony hand tugged the sheet back down again.  “Good morning, sunshine.”

“Go away.”

Rivek ran his fingers through her hair.  “So many knots.”

“I’m not pretty in the morning.”

“You’re always pretty, dear.”

“Your flattery won’t work on me.”  She grabbed his idling pillow and threw it at his head.  He batted it away.  Even without his powers, he was still quick.

“I know what will: it’s noon.”


“You’ve missed breakfast.  I didn’t think you would want to miss lunch.”

“What?”  Willow threw the blanket off, and it landed on the floor.  “Get my shirt.”

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