My friends over at PacSet Tours held a postcard contest to win $200 off a trip to Japan! (Click through to larger, deviantART version)

This would have been my entry, but I missed the deadline - so I turned it into a PacSet advertisement. It’s my doctor-princess, Willow, with her bodyguard, Rivek, in his falcon form (that’s why he has blue eyes instead of yellow).

There’s still time to join the Starving Artist Tour! Sign-ups have been extended to May 9! All this for only $990, land-only ($1850, includes flight from Los Angeles.):

  • Check out the Ghibli museum!
  • Shop for art supplies!
  • Visit an animation school or studio!
  • Draw with a manga circle!
  • Sell your work at Comic City!
  • Relax at a hot spring! (Ito extension)
  • Arrive in LA in time for Anime Expo! (and meet me!)

Please feel free to leave a note in my ask with any questions you have about PacSet! :)

05/03/12 at 1:08PM
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