I requested Zoya from fictograph yesterday and she requested Nikolai from me today.

God, he’s kind of a dick, but I just love the too-clever fox. <3  I love that smirk and those raised eyebrows you gave him, ahhh. My heart is melting.  ((Everyone, go follow Nilah!))


Tentative costume and face designs for Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn for my Character Design class.

:(  I kind of dove into design hell, trying to push myself but I still don’t think I have enough stylization.  Not sure where I want to go from here, so could you let me know if you have favorites?

07/11/14 at 12:57AM
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I got a new sketchbook.  As tradition dictates, that means drawing my oldest original character, Rivek. This is entirely traditional media: pen, marker, and colored pencil on toned paper.

But I’ve learned a lot artistically this past year, and I really wanted to show it - color, lighting, composition.  I threw Willow and Vika in there for good measure, too, haha.  ;D

Previous iterations: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X

(Wow, I can’t believe this is my tenth one…)

07/08/14 at 2:32PM
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#kaworu #nagisa from #eva , an AX commission. My first and only animu boyfriendo. #nge #kaworunagisa

07/05/14 at 12:36PM
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#AX #commission for #vtas . Stop by Saturday morning if you want one! AA Table G34/35.

07/04/14 at 10:25PM
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Stress relief doodle. My original character, #rivek .

07/03/14 at 7:27PM

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Ygritte at the hot springs.  Hehehe.

06/30/14 at 2:49PM
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My tribute to Kvothe, the precocious protagonist from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle (The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear).

Finally been at home long enough scan this.  I’ve decided to stick only to fanart of books lately. *shrug*

thewondrousland asked:
Why is bats your favorite character?

Because in my headcanon, he’s clever, magical, lean, and prettier than Kvothe. And that’s all I want in a man.

((Small caveat, I haven’t started Wise Man’s Fear yet, so I don’t know if he ends up being a dick, but he was pretty cool in Name of the Wind.))

Your typo made me think “Batman” and I was like “Batman’s really not my ideal anything…”

06/29/14 at 6:10PM

Self-indulgent Fantasy Samurai AU for my original characters, Bohrin and Rivek:

Bohrin is a newly-appointed captain of Sorian's army, tasked with keeping rebel forces down in recently-conquered Eastern lands.  However, he finds Rivek, one of the native leaders, to be a fascinating, honorable person, and the two form a tenuous friendship. When Rivek's uprising fails, Sorian orders the resistance executed, and Bohrin - although incredibly reluctant - insists on being his friend's attendant.

Kind of like The Last Samurai, I guess. But sadder and gayer.  This happened because peachymints.  This is all yours.  This is all your fault.

DeviantART Link: http://fav.me/d7ocfmk


Decided to do Vin, Elend, Straff, and Ore’seur from Mistborn for Character Design class with Jose Lopez.

I ended up scrapping what you see here because I wanted to try something with even stronger, pushed shapes.

06/26/14 at 1:11PM
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Quick doodle of my ideal boyfriend Peter Parker setting up some shots for the Daily Bugle.  Gotta make that dough somehow.

06/25/14 at 11:12AM
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Quickie doodle of Bast, my favorite character from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle.Doesn’t totally look like how I imagine him, though, so I might do it again.

06/24/14 at 12:19PM

Some thumbnails for an upcoming Mistborn piece featuring Vin and Elend. Preferences?

06/23/14 at 9:54AM
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My friend asked what to do if she had a day in Philadelphia…

Well, let me tell you!

  1. Get into the city by taking the Regional Rail from the airport to “Market East Station.”
  2. Market East connects to Reading Terminal Market - where you NEED to grab breakfast from the Amish Place. I highly recommend the pretzels at Miller’s Twisttoo! 
  3. From there, wander through Chinatown to Independence Mall. You should check out the Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, and Independence Hall itself for a dose of history. Everyone does it, but you can kind of expect to be underwhelmed. Skip the horse carriage rides. F’real. There’s a dude who plays Ben Franklin who runs around. He lives by my house. He’s cool. Saw him at the supermarket in costume. 
  4. Walk down Chestnut or Market to City Hall and take your photo with the LOVE statue. The reason the old-timey buildings in Philly are so short is because until a certain era, you couldn’t build higher than City Hall.  Stop by a Rita’s to grab a water (pronounced “wood-er”) ice, or better yet, a gelati.
  5. From here, you have three choices: South Street, Rittenhouse Square, or Benjamin Franklin Parkway depending on your tastes.
  6. (3A) Wander down 2nd (art galleries!) to South Street to check out Philly’s weirder neighborhood. There’s some places you can try on a corset. You know you’re in the right place when you wander past Condom Kingdom. 
  7. (3B) Walk down Walnut to Rittenhouse Square is for the more classically classy people. Grab a beer at Monk’s Tavern and chill on the green, reminding yourself the above apartment are worth over $1M. 
  8. (3C) All the museums are located along BFP. Walk to the Franklin Institute for a fun science center. Stop by Moore College of Art to pick up student work at the art store (makes a great present!). And finish at the PMA, which has the Rocky Balboa statue out front.
  9. For dinner, I recommend these options based on where you went earlier.  Note, Philadelphia has weird liquor laws, so not all places serve alcohol. Most are ‘BYOB,’ but there is a large craft beer presence.
  10. (4A) If you were on South Street, it’s a short distance away to Pat’s and Geno’s, famous feuding cheesesteak restaurants. Personally, I say go to Pat’s. That said, if you aren’t into cheesesteaks, you’re still in Italian Market, so there’s a lot to be eaten.
  11. (4B) If you were at Rittenhouse, you’re in the neighborhood of some really classy places. Check out a Stephen Starr or a Jose Garces, Philly’s most favorite restaurateurs (known for places like ‘Pod’, ‘El Vez’, ‘Continental’, ‘Fork’, ‘Tria’ but I might not be attributing those right). Lots poppin’ up all the time, though, so check Yelp! Finish at Naked Chocolate (pretty sure you can tell what they serve) or Capogiro (world-famous gelato).
  12. (4C) If you chose the PMA, you’re a bit out of luck for immediate food since you’re kind of in the middle of a park. Grab some photos of Fairmount Park, the Waterworks, and the regatta houses (they light up at night!). Then take a cab downtown (see 4B) or cross the river into University City and try something there like White Dog Cafe, New Deck Tavern, Tap House (so much beer!). Also lots of good ethnic food here if you’re on a budget. Because you know, college students. Finish off at Capogiro. There’s one in Uni City, too.
  13. To get back to the airport, take the R1 (I think???) from 30th Street Station (which you might want to check out just because it’s gorgeous, way better than LA’s Union Station), Suburban Station, or Market East. The regional rail in Philly makes it really easy to get to the airport. It will literally spit you out at your terminal.
  14. BONUS ROUND: If you are there Hella Fucking Late, and it’s like 2AM - grab a hoagie at WaWa. A lot of them are 24-hours. Sandwiches are built to order, and all you have to do is type what you want into a machine. So the clerk can’t judge you for your turkey-hot-sauce-mustard-pickle hoagie.  WaWa ATMs are also surcharge-free. ;)

Yes, I know you all absolutely needed this information.