Artist Asks!


  1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
  2. How long have you been drawing?
  3. How many classes have you taken?
  4. Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?
  5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?
  6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
  7. How often do you use references?
  8. Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?
  9. How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?
  10. Are you confident about your art?
  11. How many art-related blogs do you follow?
  12. Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?
  13. Do you prefer to keep your art personal, or do you like drawing things for other people?
  14. Do you ever collaborate with others?
  15. How long does an average piece take you to complete?
  16. Do you draw more today than you did in the past, or do you draw less?
  17. Do you think you’re justified in giving other people art advice?
  18. What are you currently trying to improve on?
  19. What is the most difficult thing for you to draw?
  20. What is the easiest thing for you to draw?
  21. Do you like to challenge yourself?
  22. Are you confident that you’re improving steadily?
  23. Do you draw more fanart, or more original art?
  24. Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)
  25. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?
  26. For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?
  27. For digital artists: how many layers does a typical piece require?
  28. For traditional artists: what medium do you like most? (Pencil, charcoals, etc)
  29. For traditional artists: How do you usually start on a big piece? (Light sketch, colored lead, sketchpaper, etc)
  30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

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09/16/14 at 11:48AM
Would anyone be interested in buying prints online?

I’ve never thought about offering them outside of cons, but I was wondering if there was a market for it.





”..the problem with wanting is that it makes us weak…”

Aleksander Morozova, the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.  All of Leigh’s characters are great, but I love a sympathetic villain.  

Companion piece to Alina Starkov (which I gave to Leigh at a signing, and that was an awesome night!).

Haha, I hope you didn’t think I was done with this series.

More Grisha Art: http://fictograph.tumblr.com/tagged/grisha

This is amazing!  The Darkling is perfect - sharp face, long fingers, such a fitting expression on his face.  And the kefta!  The detail is so beautiful!  The nichevo’ya are awesome and I love the black sun.

I saw Fictograph at NDK yesterday and picked up a print of this and the Alina piece as well. They are even more lovely in person! She has a lot of other great art for sale too, so if you’re at NDK, go see her in Artist’s Alley.

lol! I didn’t think anyone recognized them…

09/15/14 at 1:15PM

Select commissions from NDK!  Thanks for the support, folks!  The con was super fun, and I hope I’ll be back next year.  I can’t believe I did twenty commissions, including one with a complete interior. *o*…

Also, I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con next week if you want to pick something up!  Let me know if you have suggestions for visiting Vancouver, BC or Portland, OR!

09/15/14 at 11:45AM
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Taking a break from #mal to do commissions at #ndk . still taking a few. #grisha #ruinandrising #lbardugo

09/12/14 at 2:23PM
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”..the problem with wanting is that it makes us weak…”

Aleksander Morozova, the Darkling from the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.  All of Leigh’s characters are great, but I love a sympathetic villain.  

Companion piece to Alina Starkov (which I gave to Leigh at a signing, and that was an awesome night!).

Haha, I hope you didn’t think I was done with this series.

More Grisha Art: http://fictograph.tumblr.com/tagged/grisha

09/09/14 at 11:14AM
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sketchmocha asked:
Once you get this you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favourite followers

I don’t really have much nice things to say about myself, so I’ll just stick to interesting ones:

  1. When I was in grade five, I had a pet lab rat whom I named “Tofu” because “everyone else named their pets after candy, so why shouldn’t I name mine after a health food?”
  2. I once did a commission for three rising sixth-graders at a con.  They refused to leave my table until I was done.  An hour later, their mom came over and threw me a $5 tip for “putting up with [her] children.”
  3. The motion capture lab where I worked during college once housed ENIAC, one of the first-ever computers.
  4. When I still worked in animation, I got in the breakfast line behind Guillermo Del Toro.  Then, he turned around and plowed right into me because he is at least a foot taller and straight-up couldn’t see me. Later, he previewed Pacific Rim to the crew and called the trailer, “as subtle as a fart in a spacesuit.”  This is the closest I’ve ever been to a legend.
  5. A few months ago, I told a drunk acquaintance that I worked in the AAA game industry and his reaction was, “Can I have a hug?”


09/07/14 at 7:06PM
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Anonymous asked:
I have a question for you-- how do you store your art? I find myself accumulating a great volume of sketches, drawings, etc. that I don't want to throw away but I don't know what to do with, so I just shove them under my bed. What do you do with all your art?

I keep everything backed up on two portable hard drives and store things I need double copies or frequent access on Google Drive (like my PDF, job application portfolio or my writing) .

Most of my traditional drawings are done in dated sketchbooks, so I just have a shelf on my bookcase with the books in chronological order.  There’ve been about 10 of them since 2008.

I keep my loose or larger work in an 13”x19” Itoya portfolio, which I also keep on the same bookcase.

My oil paintings on canvas board are stacked in my closet.  Since these are usually life studies, I tend to not care, so I throw away the bad, give away the mediocre, and keep only the best.

Doesn’t take up much room at all, really. All things considered, “under the bed” is the same as “on a bookshelf.”

09/04/14 at 9:26PM
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Anonymous asked:
Hello! I'm sorry if you've gotten this question before. I'm new to art alleys, do you have a suggestion for how many prints one should take? Like a general number? Thanks so much!

Print quantities are honestly different for everyone.  More popular artists will need more, and smaller merchandise usually requires higher quantities, too. 

Personally, I only sell 11”x17” prints, so I calculate based on event attendance.  I run about 10-20 of my best-sellers (like Sherlock, Game of Thrones) and then 3-5 of my less popular stuff (like original work).  Lower end being for cons about 1,000-5,000 (like ALA, San Japan) and higher end being for cons of 10,000+ (like Otakon).

Certain cons will surprise you though!  My style does awful in Southern California, so I print on the lower end for AX.  But some venues are just easier because the artist-customer ratio is higher, so I print on the high end for NanDesuKan.

09/04/14 at 8:31PM
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#mal and the #firebird from #lbardugo ‘s #grisha trilogy. #ruinandrising

09/04/14 at 11:22AM

My folks’ house has been rather quiet since I moved out, so when I visited for Mom’s birthday, we got a cat from one of the city’s riskier shelters!  He’s real sweet, but he’s real big, so we re-named him Godzilla.  It’s funny, watching him adapt to my parents as well as them adapting to him. 

Oh, what, this is an art blog? Guess I forgot.  Cat blog now.

Anonymous asked:
Could you be any cooler? Your artwork is amazing, you have an awesome job AND you rescued a stray cat (strays = the best). You just can't get any cooler :) You're amazing!!

To quote Tirael, “If only they knew you in real life…”

I received this message while I was in a speakeasygiggling like a twelve year old embarrassingly tipsy, awkwardly oggling watching rather dashing eye candy bartenders mix insanely complex drinks.  

So yeah, I could probably be a lot, lot, cooler.  You know, like by not being an idiot.

((Seriously, though, if a barkeep knows what a Ramos Gin Fizz is and can make you an equally appetizing house special, I am sold.  He also looked like hot Mark Zuckerburg, which helped.))

09/03/14 at 11:52PM

Sketches inspired by #Disney #Mulan. #figuredrawing #gesturedrawing #art

08/30/14 at 1:04PM
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If you hadn’t heard, I am now a cat owner. Meet Poutine. She likes headscratches, my tea tumbler, and falling off my bed. Follow #fictograph on Instagram for more photos. #cat

08/25/14 at 8:59PM
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Vin, Elend, Straff, and Ore’seur from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn.  Finished my final project for my Character Design class with Jose Lopez.  Woo! 

The development pages should be relatively self-explanatory, but I tried to keep a unified design and color theme as ascribed in the books (black mistcloaks, white royal attire, red skies). The overall style is meant to be like an action cartoon rather than my usual illustrative one.

08/14/14 at 2:59PM
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